Equal Exchange
organic tea, coffee and chocolate
CT Lymphatic sells 
Equal Exchange Teas include: black, mint green, jasmine green, herbal: mint, chamomile. For a complete list of items, please contact me via email:
or  call: 
(203) 907-7031

Massage Therapy

proves to be a valuable resource to reduce stress, promote relaxation and your well-being by: 
  •  decreasing blood pressure
  • reducing muscle spasm
  • increasing blood circulation
  • improving mobility
  • facilitating respiration

Lymphatic Supplies

Bonnie-Jean is a certified garment fitter for compression stockings and sleeves.  She manages Connecticut Lymphatic Therapy & Supplies LLC, which has an array of garments and bandages to help manage lymphatic conditions, or swelling due to a sports injury or surgery. The CEP line of sports compression is designed to help prevent injuries and decrease recovery time.

Bonnie-Jean Connal, LMT, MLDT has an extensive repertoire of techniques to accommodate your specific needs. She begins your Therapeutic Massage session by listening to what you would like to achieve during a session, and selecting the techniques you would prefer.

Bonnie-Jean offers Massage Therapy and Manual Lymph Drainage as well as garments and bandages through Connecticut Lymphatic Therapy & Supplies, LLC.

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