Bonnie-Jean Connal, LMT, MLDT has an extensive repertoire of techniques to accommodate your specific needs. She begins your Therapeutic Massage session by listening to what you would like to achieve during a session, and selecting the techniques you would prefer. Below is a list of massage therapies offered by Bonnie-Jean.


is the most well known Therapeutic Massage in the U.S. This technique uses a combination of gliding strokes (effleurage) and/or deep kneading strokes (petrissage) which helps reduce stress and create a freer sense of well-being. 


can shorten the recovery time of an injury as well as provide excellent preventative maintenance to the athlete, or weekend athlete in training. Pre-and post-event sports massage includes loosening techniques and compressions to specific muscle groups which also helps relax and revitalize the soft tissue. For training, muscle stripping, neuro-muscular re-education, trigger point work such as Dr. Jones' Strain-Counterstrain can be incorporated to improve performance and eliminate restrictions.


is Oriental Meridian Therapy administered with thumb pressure to the acupoints. (Acupoints often correspond to trigger points, or neuromuscular junctions.) The client should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Acupressure/Shiatsu has been known to help such conditions as sciatica, chronic low back pain, and general fatigue from being over-worked.



is a more specific form of shiatsu for the feet.



is a soft tissue technique used to manipulate and stretch the fascia (connective tissue) of the body. Fascia consists of a thin, translucent, sheet-like covering over all tissues of the body including, muscles, bones, nerves, organs and vessels. After trauma or injury, the fascia can tighten and lose some of its elasticity. If a person is injured and the muscles tighten up, if left untreated, ones body will assume the shape of the injury. MFR helps correct this. MFR is invaluable to people with TMJ problems and headaches.



incorporates various manual arts techniques to help with chronic conditions, pre or post-surgery healing, and with recovery from injury whether local to a joint or in multiple areas. It is helpful for people with chronic pain. Medical massage is goal-oriented and should have measurable results. Goals can include reducing pain and gaining greater motion. The client's feedback during a session is both necessary and encouraged.



Specializing in pet massage for dogs diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Arthritis.