Compression Garments

Bonnie-Jean is a certified garment fitter for compression stockings and sleeves. She manages the 
Connecticut Lymphatic Therapy & Supply company, which has an array of garments and bandages
as well as shoes from Orthofeet to help manage lymphatic conditions, or swelling due to a sports injury or surgery.

Support Garments:  Juzo, Medi, Barton Carey, Sigvaris, etc....

I also have accounts with: Circaid, lymphedivas, penninsula medical, jovi pack, etc....


Compression Bandages (see below): Short Stretch, Long Stretch (comprilan, rosidal). Stretchy gauze:  4 cm & 6 cm. Stockinette in many sizes, foam, fleece padding as well as Rosidal soft.

I also carry  tubigrip,  isoband, KT KomprimED in 8 cm, and donning gloves. 

"It Stays" adhesive roll-on to help secure  support garments on sale for $10 plus tax.

"It Stays" adhesive roll-on to help secure  support garments 
on sale for $10 plus tax
short stretch bandages: 6, 8, 10, 12 cm
short stretch bandages
6cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm available
long stretch available
Composition of the long stretch Dauerbinde K bandages: 86% cotton, 7% poyamide (it is supposed to be like wool or silk) 7% elastane (a synthetic like a lycra or polyester)
EZ Roller Bandage Winder-will match any online price
$18.50 sale price
Circaid juxtafit for arm. Alternative to bandaging
Sandals by orthofeet, will accommodate orthodics !
Juzo OTC knee highs high percentage of cotton
stretchy gauze:4 cm & 6 cm available
rosidal soft padding
stockinette in various sizes
isoband:woven pure cotton, light-weight compression bandage. 100% latex free
CEP wing tech support shoulders,improves posture. Long sleeves available
Juzo compression wrap calf portion reversible
Solidea micro massage capris: for edema, lipoedema, and cellulite

    Product Lines
    • Juxta-Fit™ Premium 24 hour compression garments in standard and custom sizes for the leg and foot for the treatment of Lymphedema; our best value with a 12 - 18 month life span. All Juxta-Fit™ Premium garments feature the Built-In Pressure System™ (BPS™) to ensure consistent gradient compression levels.
    • Juxta-Fit™ Essentials 24 hour compression garments for the arm, leg, and foot for the treatme...nt of Lymphedema; an economical alternative to the Juxta-Fit™ Premium line with a six month life span. All Juxta-Fit™ Essentials garments feature the Built-In Pressure System™ (BPS™) to ensure consistent gradient compression level
    Juxta-Fit™ Premium Lower Legging